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Culture in Ghumarwin

The people of Ghumarwin are very friendly people and they believe in celebrating and rejoicing during the festivals as a single unit. One can witness that the entire town comes together when a particular celebration is planned in this quiet and peaceful town. Being in close proximity to Shimla and being an integral part of Himachal Pradesh, one can witness many of the festivals that are celebrated across Himachal Pradesh are also celebrated here.

Culture in Ghumarwin

Languages in Ghumarwin

The principal language spoken in Ghumarwin is Hindi and English is occasionally used. The use of the English language is restricted to schools, colleges and for few of the administrative works in government offices. The dialect used in Ghumarwin is pretty simple.

Summer Festival in Ghumarwin

Fairs and Festivals in Ghumarwin

The town of Ghumarwin has a Summer festival that is organized by the state government in the month of April and brings to the foreground a shopping extravaganza. There are many stalls set up during this festival and many cultural programs in the form of dance and songs are performed as a part of this festival. There are traditional wrestling competitions also held in Ghumarwin where wrestlers from different villages come and compete and  this has also become a local festival of sorts.

Wrestiling championship across villages

There are a few festivals that are unique to Himachal Pradesh are also celebrated here. To name a few, Losar is celebrated in the month of December, in order to welcome the new year and Baisakhi or Beesh is celebrated in the month of April, to celebrate the season of harvest. The festival of Chatt is also celebrated amongst a lot of galore in the month of April and a festival named Phagli is also celebrated by a few sections of the society in the month of February/ March that symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

The festival of Shiv Ratri is also celebrated in a grand way by the people of Ghumarwin and the temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva are decorated with lights and flowers. Many devotees visit the temples and offer their prayers and pour milk on the idol of Lord Shiva. Another important festival that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Ghumarwin is the festival of Navratri in the month of April and October. Chaitra Navratra is celebrated in the month of April and Ashiwin Navratra is celebrated in the month of Spetember and October. The goddess "Maa Parvati" is worshiped during this nine day long festival.

Other festivals in Ghumarwin

Other festivals like Holi, Diwali, Teej, Karva Chauth etc. are celebrated amongst a lot of frenzy and enthusiasm. Therefore, visiting the region of Ghumarwin during any of the festivals can get you a glimpse of the local celebrations.

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